An allergy is an unusual sensitivity to something that is either eaten, inhaled, touched or smelled. It can produce symptoms ranging from a runny nose, cough, itching, swelling, pain, fatigue to more severe symptoms such as asthma and anaphylaxis. Allergies can be caused by heredity, a lowered immune system, an over exposure to toxins, emotional factors, malabsorption disorders, toxins in the body and radiation.

Nambudripads Allergy Elimination Technique also known as NAET is a non-invasive, drug free natural solution to help eliminate allergies. I have been using this technique for the past several years in my practice (please see testimonials).
This technique was developed by Dr Devi Nambudripad MD, LAc, DC. Having struggled with poor health herself since childhood, Devi was strongly motivated to find a solution. She combined her knowledge of allopathic medicine, kinesiology and acupuncture to create a new approach to treating allergies.

A NAET treatment involves taking a detailed case history of your current diet, general health and current symptoms. Muscle testing or kinesiology is used to determine what allergen is weakening the body. Acupressure is then applied to immune enhancing acupuncture points while you hold the allergen. This is followed by a period of abstinence from the allergen and a special diet for 24 hours.

One or two treatments a week are normal and you should notice some changes in your health after a few weeks. NAET treatment does require perseverance and a willingness to stay with the process as in the beginning we have to check and clear very basic parts of food such as calcium, eggs, vitamin C, sugar and vitamin B. When these are cleared often more complex foods like milk, bread and fruit clear as well.

Please look up the NAET website at for more information on NAET.

“I came to Charlotte Stuart at Still Point about a year ago with auto immune of the thyroid and Charlotte said she would be able to help me.

My symptoms before I came were, a lump in my throat that I thought was a sore throat that came and went. It slowly got more frequent and eventually I had a huge allergic reaction. It was very severe and I thought something was very wrong with me. I went to the doctor and he did blood tests and found that I had very high antibody levels. He said that it would probably come right by its self. Which it didn’t. I suffered from lack of energy, I constantly had to lie down and rest, the lump in my throat came regularly and felt like my throat was going to close over. It also affected my heart and bowels – it was a dreadful feeling. I felt at times that I would die soon. I had reactions in my thyroid often and my pulse raced and my heart and my bowels churned, my throat pulsed and felt like it would chock me. The doctor said that auto immune was like an allergic reaction to my own thyroid. He sent me to a specialist and after paying $500 for an x-ray and an appointment to see him, he said that there was nothing that he could do for me and I would have to get used to it.

I then heard about NAET and went to see Charlotte and asked if she would treat me. When I first started I was very weak, so I started NAET by strengthening up all my organs. I soon got stronger and was able to start the program in the NAET book for the treatment of auto immune thyroid. We also cleared all the bases and the organs that affected the thyroid as the program said. I became continually stronger and the symptoms of reaction continually got less and my energy built up more and more.

My doctor wanted me to have more blood tests which I did and he was amazed that the antibody levels had dropped to half the level from the original tests. I never told him what I was doing and he never asked!

I continued on until I finished the program and now I don’t get woken up in the middle of the night with an electric shock like I used to and my throat has gone down and doesn’t bother me anymore.

Generally I feel that I have regained my health and energy levels and I can now manage my family and enjoy life.

Thank you Charlotte and to the NAET program, it has been very successful.”


“Many Thanks for the input and commitment to our families Health and Well-being. Before being introduced to your clinic I was physically run down, harboring a long standing chronic bowel problem, experiencing fatigue, hair loss and Hay fever in the summer months.

As a mid 30’s male holding a responsible managerial position, my stomach disorder became intolerable and seemed to escalate whilst away on business appointments, this made such commitments most difficult.

After many years of persevering with this and exhausting every medical channel and numerous Naturopaths, we have proven NAET as an effective means of clearing a range of allergies. Once cleared the above issues slowly dissipated, vastly improving my overall health. NAET has undoubtedly improved the quality of life of my family and I. Well done and Thank you again STILLPOINT!”
CJ Nelson


“Our daughter Holly has been treated by Charlotte at Stillpoint and now enjoys her food with no side effects.
Holly, before going to Stillpoint had very rough and bleeding skin. If she ate something that disagreed with her she would scratch and then bleed. She was covered with eczema on her back and tummy and elbows. Holly also got saw tummies after eating and then would run to the toilet with loose bowels. She was often sick and always felt cold. Using Naet Charlotte started clearing the bases and found that Holly was reacting to most of them. Everything we cleared we noticed a change for the better.

Holly got a huge benefit from doing the individual sugars as there are about 17 of these and Holly was reacting to most of the sugars. Sugar is one of the biggest allergens for children with eczema and once cleared we found that her back and tummy and elbows were smooth and soft. We continued to test and treat other foods and now Holly eats what she likes and her old symptoms don’t occur anymore.
Thank you Charlotte, you cured our daughter.”
JR Nelson


“I received treatment from Charlotte under the Naet treatment programme for a number of weeks. I found it gave me great relief from the itchy skin I suffered from.
I also noticed good improvements in abdominal bloating, indigestion and gas. Overall I found my energy levels increased and a general feeling of wellbeing and health improvement.”
SH Nelson


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