The Treatment Process
A session with me combines gentle acupuncture with hands on body- work for one hour. After discussing your health history and current symptoms, I will inspect your tongue and palpate your wrist pulses. (The pulses and tongue can tell me which organs and meridians need some attention).

After that, I will have you lie down comfortably and gently palpate your legs, abdomen, shoulders and head; feeling for any area’s of tightness, weakness and pain. We often choose acupuncture points which are tender to the touch as these indicate localized, congested energy.

The needles I use are sterile and disposable. Insertion of the needle is quick and painless and feels like a tap on the skin. The sensation as the needle contacts the underlying meridian is described as a mild ache or pulling sensation.

Needles remain in place for 20-30 minutes.
During this time I may leave you to rest to allow your body to integrate the changes, often clients feel extreme relaxation and fall asleep.

If I feel its required I will work with the craniosacral system, releasing the tissues of the pelvis, the diaphragm, the neck area, the base of the skull and the jaw.

As the restrictions in your body release, you may experience memories, insights, smells or visions. One of the benefits of this work is a deep and intuitive understanding of your inner world. During or after a session, solutions to life’s problems may spontaneously arise.
The most important thing for you to do in a session is to relax and enjoy the process.


Patient Information

To make an appointment please call 027 292 2333.
If you are planning on coming in for an appointment, download the following forms, complete, and bring them with you or send them to this address: Charlotte Stuart MAc, 10 Scotland St, Nelson


Health history questionnaire
Informed Consent


General Suggestions: It is good to schedule your treatment 1-2 hours after eating and be well hydrated. Loose fitting clothes are best for this sort of work.

After a treatment, allow yourself to rest and to assimilate the changes that have taken place. Avoid having a big meal straight away or doing vigorous exercise. Drinking 2-3 glasses of water helps to assimilate the treatment and flush out newly released toxins from your system.

Everyone responds differently to treatment, you may feel energized or tired and sleepy. Sometimes symptoms can intensify just after the treatment and the next day, don’t be alarmed, this is often part of the body’s healing process.

During treatments it is best to refrain from excessive use of alcohol, coffee, tea and cigarettes, these substances strongly affect your energy and obscure any signs of change from the work.

Cancellations: Please give at least 24 hours notice if you would like to cancel or change your appointment, otherwise you will be charged for a full session, this includes ACC patients.

Payment: Payment is due at the time of visit. I am an ACC provider, please enquire about my surcharge.